• Modular architecture; easy-to-implement filters, protocol parsers, authentication handlers.
  • Log4j based logging configuration support; just with a configuration change logging to any destination is possible.
  • Integrated HTTP protocol implementation.
  • HTTP request filtering by Domain-URL regex.
  • HTTP request filtering by URL file extension.
  • HTTP response filtering by content magic number.
  • HTTP response filtering by content ranking.
  • HTTP response filtering by Antivirus scan(via Clamd).
  • HTTP keep alive support.
  • HTTP streaming support.
  • HTTP pipelining support.
  • Secure HTTPS man-in-the-middle support; certificate management via integrated web-based interfaces managed by FINDIK Reply Service.
  • Basic and AD / Kerberos /LDAP authentication for HTTP protocol.
  • Optional web-based management interface.
  • MySQL support for keeping blacklists and ACLs.